Most of my favorite memories have been triggered by scents. The ocean at my grandparents, fresh cut grass in the spring and thanksgiving dinner cooking. After I got married I wanted to remember all the little things I couldn’t smell but that made the day special. That my sweet hubby cried at our first look, my sisters working frantically on my hair and that all our people took part in making our ceremony so unique. The photos we got back became the “scents” of our wedding and every time I look at them I feel like I’m back in that perfect day.

I have found that nothing suits this philosophy better than film. It has a texture and depth to it that you don’t find anywhere else and a nostalgic essence that truly captures the magic of a wedding.



My goal is to leave you with timeless images you will feel proud to have on your wall till you’re old and grey. None of those awkward prom poses that make you want to hide under your bed. I shoot in a fine art, documentary style, directing enough that you have to do none of the work but leaving space for true emotions and candid moments.

I know how important your wedding day is because I myself have been through it! I want to catch each of your messy moments just like the ones that made my own day so great. I’m excited to come alongside you and get to hear more about your story, your journey and witness this beautiful day unfold for you. My husband Evan often assists me, he is also an artist with an incredible eye and we love that we get to witness people coming into a relationship that we so love ourselves!